Day: 12 July 2015

New designs have been produced for the PizzaExpress which will very soon replace The Marches on Castle Street (15/02009/ADV). The new scheme is much improved by removal of intrusive exterior lighting and a more acceptable painting scheme that highlights the windows. To my mind, the black frontage at ground floor level is still rather dour for a lively market square. I would also have liked the hanging sign on the street to have been rectangular in keeping with other signs around the town centre. However, I no longer object to this décor scheme.

ip&e features on BBC One Sunday Politics as Shropshire Council fails to show

Shropshire Council’s private company ip&e featured on Sunday Politics this morning. The company was set up three years ago as a way of cutting costs and making money for the council. Since then, it has been dogged by controversy over its secrecy and whether it can make significant money. The Sunday Politics segment features Ludlow campaigner Joyce Brand, myself and Catherine Staite from Birmingham University’s Institute of Local Government, and Joanne Gallacher from the BBC.

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