Day: 12 February 2016

There’s a plan to build a new education centre on the Teme at Dinham. It’s really exciting. When I first heard of these plans, I wasn’t certain how this scheme would work. We don’t have much space available at Dinham and, instinctively, it is not a place to be putting up more buildings. After meeting Mike Morris, deputy director of the Severn Rivers Trust on site last week, I am thrilled by the idea. This could be a new tourist attraction as well as an education centre. The idea is to build an education centre on the west bank of the Teme near Dinham weir. This site is currently an unmanaged field. It has a degree of biodiversity but is otherwise rough vegetation.

I’ve loved the news today. With the confirmation that gravitational waves exist, we can see the universe the way it is. It is a whole new way of looking at the space and time, and understanding it better. I take my hat off to the scientists who have taken the power of information to an extraordinary level. This doesn’t happen in Shropshire of course. At least not at Shropshire Council. A few years ago, I published an article on Lib Dem Voice suggesting that our council was slipping into a black hole of democracy. I wasn’t a councillor then. Nearly two years after being elected, I don’t have a better view of the council. When it can keep information secret, it will. It loves to make decisions in camera, with the press and public excluded. That has not changed one bit with the election of the new leader. Earlier in the week, I published an article about an attempt to [censored by Shropshire Council]. It involved a committee called [censored by Shropshire Council]. I have been asked by council officials to remove the post.

There is an excellent beer festival going on down at Ludlow Brewery right now. A couple of hours ago, I took a moment out from a sampling session to take a call from the Shropshire Star. Reporters on the newspaper had learnt that Shropshire Council is about to make a decision to close its private company, ip&e. BBC Radio Shropshire has been reporting the same news. Papers for next week’s cabinet meeting are not yet published. But I am guessing that there will be a paper proposing that ip&e, the brainchild of former council leader Keith Barrow, is going to be abolished. This should not be too difficult, as most staff are seconded from the council rather than transferred under TUPE. The Shropshire Star quotes me as saying: Andy Boddington said he was unsurprised about but had “mixed feelings” about the company’s demise.

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