Day: 2 March 2016

It was meant to be a quiet and fairly quick walk with Mel the Collie. With a few extra minutes available, we diverted our usual night route to cut across Gallows Bank. That’s always a bit of a risk after rain as darkness falls. I’ve ended up getting a muddy butt a couple of times as my feet skidded from under me. But I didn’t expect to meet someone trying to set the bank on fire – in the rain. Tonight, the ground wasn’t too bad. I gingerly picked my way down the slippery bank past a canoodling couple who were oblivious to the rain. Mel on the other hand was dashing around trying to get every moment out of the walk. As we got near to Charlton Rise, Mel kept pulling back. That usually means she has spotted a dog of interest. But there was no dog to be seen. There was a flicker of light towards Sandpits but no more. Still Mel pulled and the light got bigger. What first looked like a torch soon looked like flames.

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