Day: 22 May 2016

Changes of ownership to Bromfield solar farm

An application has been made to split the solar farm into two ownerships. The smaller part of the array, which has already been constructed, will remain in the ownership of Bromfield Sand and Gravel.This is currently powering the gravel works. The rest of the array will be owned by Ludlow Solar Ltd. I am told by the promoters this is a “technical matter” and the scheme is still on track to complete the entire solar farm later this year.

Shropshire Council has begun a new consultation on plans for a supermarket at Dun Cow, Rocks Green.[1] This is a result of changes to the plans for the proposed petrol station and a revised retail statement. This is a controversial application. I can’t take a final view on it until we have the evidence right. I can’t see that new retail statement gets us any further on with understanding the potential impact of this project on existing stores in the town centre. The revised plans for the petrol filling station move the storage tanks above ground at the loss of staff car parking. No information has been published on how safe the fuel storage tanks will be. Highways England have withdrawn their original objection to this scheme. I think that if the agency had been told by Shropshire Council that 200 homes are planned right opposite the supermarket site before 2026, it might have taken a different view.

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