Plans to redevelop One Stop at 9 Tower Street are to be updated after heritage concerns

Plans to redevelop One Stop at 9 Tower Street are to be updated after heritage concerns

The main concern with redevelopment of the One Stop is the future of the post office. But we are also concerned about the heritage aspects of this important site.

Following concerns raised about the remains of the Tower Street goal between One Stop and the Renaissance Centre, the architect Trevor Hewitt is revising the plans for redeveloping the site. The stone wall is not a listed building. It should be and I don’t know why it is not. I have asked Shropshire Council’s conservation team and Historic England whether the remains can be listed.


Even if the stone wall does not get formal protection, it will still be protected under national planning rules. One of the best aspects of national planning policy and guidance is that the rules give some protection to non-listed heritage assets.

Mr Hewitt, a local architect, recognises this and has told planning officers:

We will treat the structure as a locally important heritage asset and seek to keep alterations to a minimum. I am this week refining the design of the Tower Street frontage and will look at how we might perhaps reduce the number of new openings. The position of the site on the line of the town wall and position of a former town gate will inform the archaeological brief for the site.

I am still unhappy with this proposal due to the size of the development. It looks more like a huge Wetherspoons pub and hotel than something in keeping with Ludlow. But I am very pleased that the heritage aspects of the site have been recognised and are being taken into account.

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