Day: 22 July 2016

Shropshire Council going to spend £46 million on computers over five years – it’s not justified

This morning my iPad would not get going. The iPad is the only way I can access council emails outside of Shirehall. It has already been fixed three times this year. Last Wednesday, I wanted to access my council emails via a desktop in Shirehall. After 15 minutes, Outlook had not even loaded. I gave up. These are some of the better aspects of Shropshire Council’s computing systems. Staff currently print details off one computer system and rekey the data into a second system because the council’s aged systems are not compatible. What a waste of effort and money. The council is now proposing to spend £46 million on computing over five years – £9 million a year – to solve its problems with slow and inadequate computers. I am totally convinced that the council’s computers need replacing. But when we are struggling to find money to keep valued services like libraries and leisure centres open, I cannot accept we should spend so much on technology.

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