Day: 23 July 2016

Shropshire Council rejects plea to explore views on a council tax referendum

At the Shropshire Council meeting yesterday, councillors debated a motion that would have required Shropshire Council’s officers to research the willingness of people in Shropshire for a referendum on a council tax rise above 1.99%. The motion was put forward by myself and seconded by follow Lib Dem Hannah Fraser, who represents Abbey ward in Shrewsbury. The motion arose from calls from town and parish councils for Shropshire Council to raise council tax to avoid huge rises in parish precepts. Ludlow Town Council’s mayor has been vocal in calling for a rise in council tax to prevent the burden for services that serve a wide area falling on Ludlow ratepayers alone. Regrettably, the motion was all but lost.

Ludlow Library opening hours cuts are wrong – it should remain open on Saturday afternoons

Shropshire Council has published the results of its Library opening hours review. The library will close on Friday evenings and Saturday afternoons, but get an extra hour on Monday evenings. I am very disappointed that the cuts to opening hours at Ludlow Library have been largely confirmed. I am quite angry that the library will be closed on Saturday afternoons. This is a busy time for the library. There a lot of people who use its facilities then who have been out at work all week.

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