Day: 31 July 2016

Shropshire Council has begun a consultation into what leisure and sports facilities it is going to fund across the county. Ludlow looks okay. But this strategy is dire for SpArC at Bishop’s Castle and for Church Stretton. The aim of a strategy should be improve the quality of life for Shropshire residents through increased participation and access to sport, leisure and physical activity. I don’t think this draft document will achieve that. This is a car based policy. It is about driving to get fit.

Are we getting too many parking fines in Ludlow? This is your opportunity to comment and vote. We councillors have received a number of complaints about fines slapped on cars parking around the Market Square area in the evening. There have been early morning fines too. Ludlow pub landlord, Adam Tutt, recently had a rage on Facebook about the fines: Two parking tickets this week one at 10 am Sunday outside my house the other in a loading bay whilst dealing with issue at work. Its profiteering clear and simple creeping around at night stopping people working or relaxing in town! On the other side of the debate, people tell us that bad parking is creating problems for access to properties. What do you think? Please comment and vote below.

The clothing chain Crew Clothing is having a corporate makeover. And, as too often happens with corporate ventures, the proposed design is simply unacceptable in our historic conservation area (16/02226/LBC). The building at 6 King Street probably dates to the 17th century. The frontage is 19th century. It is Grade II listed. The new proposal is only a little changes from the plans submitted in May. Two of the three doors will now be grey, but one remains a garish yellow.

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