Day: 6 October 2016

Foldgate Lane housing inquiry ends on a cliff hanger

Update 9 October 2016 The planning inspectorate has said a decision will be made on or before 21 November. I am glad that decision is not going to be dragged out. This appeal is not just about 137 houses on the edge of Ludlow. The whole future of planning in Shropshire depends on this decision. Are developers like Richborough going to be allowed to build anywhere they like, regardless of local wishes and our local plan? We need to win this appeal. I think the council has made a good case. But the final decision will be down to the planning inspector. Main article 6 October 2016 The Foldgate Lane inquiry has concluded. Developer Richborough Estates wants to build 137 homes on green fields on the edge of Ludlow. A quarter of the homes will be affordable. When the inquiry closed yesterday afternoon, the result was too close to call. Shropshire Council put forward a strong case but Richborough put forward a strong team. As its barrister reminded us yesterday, the company has a reputation for winning nearly all of its planning appeals.

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