Day: 24 January 2017

Axing of oak tree on Whitcliffe Common hits reputation of Shropshire Wildlife Trust

Today, Shropshire Wildlife Trust (SWT) carried out its plans to fell an oak tree on Whitcliffe Common. The trust has reacted poorly throughout an affair that has divided our town. We need to learn the lessons from this. For this oak tree, and the wildlife that sheltered in it, it is over. It has been felled. The freezing fog this morning was probably not the best time for all the bugs and beasties that live in oaks to find a new host. I guess they are now on their way to compost.

Our fear is that Ludlow independent shops will fold, says my letter in today’s Times

The Times has run a series of articles highlighting the harm that rises in rateable values and business rates will cause rural businesses. Yesterday, the newspaper had a first page headline: “Punitive business rates threaten rural way of life.” I am sure there were a lot of responses and four of us were lucky enough to have our letters published in today’s edition. My letter, as you might expect, concentrated on the impact on business rates hikes in Ludlow. I said “Our fear is that these independent shops will fold and will be replaced by the chain retailers”:

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