Day: 23 February 2017

Yesterday, the communities and local government minister, Sajid Javid, made a Commons statement on business rates. He defended the changes in rateable values being introduced on 1 April. These rises have led to protests across the country, including here in Ludlow. Our town has featured in the national media several times in recent weeks. The government must grasp the opportunity to address the “squeeze in the middle”. This squeeeze threatens the future of independent shops and pubs, here in Ludlow and across the country.

A full council meeting took place today. The biggest item on the agenda was the council’s financial strategy through to 2020. An attempt by Lib Dem councillors to deliver more support for schools, reduce the energy used by streetlights and provide more funds for traffic calming was rejected by the Conservative majority. I am sorry that this amendment to council’s financial strategy did not go through. It would have helped schoolchildren, communities and the environment.

There will be an opportunity to asks questions and express concerns about crime and safety at a public meeting in Ludlow on 2 March. The main guest of the evening will be West Mercia’s Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner, Tracey Onslow. She will talk about how the commissioner’s office and West Mercia Police work to reduce crime and fear of crime. The meeting will also discuss antisocial behaviour and continuing problems with young people racing around the town centre and other streets.

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