Day: 12 April 2017

With less than a month to go to the local elections, Shropshire Conservatives have withdrawn the printed edition of their election manifesto (it’s still here online). This follows my discovery that an image that purported to be of Conservative supporters was lifted without permission from an Australian charity website. The image shows the staff of a mental health charity from Tasmania and Queensland. It is a typical workplace photograph and was taken on 28 June 2013. The BBC is reporting that the Conservatives have now formally apologised to the charity and have promised to no longer distribute the leaflet.

Shropshire Tory manifesto cheats with photo of mental health workers from Oz

You couldn’t make this story up. If it hasn’t already arrived, you might soon be getting a copy of the Shropshire Conservative manifesto through your letterbox. Most of us would think that the banner photograph on the front page of the manifesto is of thirteen Tory activists or supporters. But look carefully. It took me a while to spot what is wrong with the photograph. Then it clicked. After that light bulb moment, it took me just minutes to discover that the image is not of Shropshire supporters at all. Not even of Tory supporters. The photograph has been lifted from an Australian mental health charity website.

Welcome for temporary tree protection order for trees planted by residents on Sidney Road

Tracey Huffer, councillor for Ludlow East, is welcoming an application by Ludlow Town Council for a tree protection order on three trees on a green between Sidney Road and Charlton Rise in Ludlow. She is also asking for information about the planting of the trees, which are believed to have been paid for by local residents. Last October, one of the trees on the green was cut down without notice by Shropshire Housing Group (SHG). A second tree was saved after intervention by Tracey and the councillor for Ludlow North, Andy Boddington. At the time, SHG said its aim was to reduce maintenance costs to its tenants on Sidney Road. Now it has submitted proposals to cut down a second tree and build seven bungalows on the green space.

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