General election campaign still restricted after Manchester bomb tragedy

Following the truly awful bomb attack on Monday night, all political parties suspended campaigning for the general election. That was the right decision – and the only decision that could be made after such an appalling and incomprehensible tragedy.

The national suspension remains in place until tomorrow night at least. Local campaigning for is resuming today but will be low key for the next few days. It is important that the democratic process continues regardless of the efforts of terrorists to disrupt our society through killing and maiming.

The suspension has prevented UKIP from publishing its manifesto.[1] (Since writing this article, UKIP has announced it will publish its manifesto tomorrow, Thursday).

The suspension has also changed broadcaster’s plans.

BBC Radio Shropshire has cancelled the party-by-party hustings due to be broadcast this week. Constituency hustings will go ahead as planned next week. All will be broadcast live at 6pm:

Tuesday 30 May – Telford.
Wednesday 31 May – Ludlow.
Friday 2 June – North Shropshire.
Monday 5 June – The Wrekin.
Tuesday 6 June – Shrewsbury & Atcham.

The four Ludlow candidates will take part in a husting on Friday, 2 June at St Laurence’s Church, 7pm to 9pm. The husting is organised by People4Ludlow and Churches Together Around Ludlow and will be chaired by Kelvin Price, Rector for Ludlow.

Update 26 May 2017

Party campaigning resumed on 26 May, with the exception of UKIP, which resumed on 25 May.


[1]. The manifestos published by the major parties are:
Conservatives. Forward together. Fielding 637 candidates.
Greens. Confident and caring Britain. 468 candidates.
Labour. For the many not the few. 631 candidates.
Liberal Democrats. Change Britain’s future. 629 candidates.

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