Day: 2 June 2017

Ludlow Town Council tells Shropshire Council to urgently rethink town centre exit closure next week

The town council has made a last-ditch attempt to prevent the closure of Brand Lane next Monday to Wednesday until a better plan for managing the resulting traffic chaos is in place. The closure is for three days, 24-hours a day to connect electricity and water to a single house. This is excessive. Buses and HGVs are to be rerouted over the Whitcliffe, a proposal that will not work. The town council’s letter to Shropshire Council is reproduced in full below. It ends by saying: “The Town Council demands that Shropshire Council recognises the importance of the tourism economy of Ludlow and finds an alternative way forward.” That’s spot on.

Husting, Husting, Husting – Ludlow’s three in a row

It won’t have escaped your notice that there is yet another election next Thursday. As with many general elections, local voices are being drowned out by the battle between party leaders and the media hysteria over what this or that leader has done, or might do, and whether they turn out for TV debates. For us in Ludlow, we need an MP who can deliver for us locally. We need to hear the voices of our candidates. We fortunately have had the opportunity to hear our four Ludlow candidates at two hustings hosted by BBC Radio Shropshire. There is a third husting tonight (Friday 2 June) at St Laurence’s Church, 7pm to 9pm.

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