Day: 3 June 2017

General Election 2017: What the Ludlow candidates said about – Brexit & EU nationals

This article is a summary of comments made by the four candidates for the Ludlow constituency in the three hustings hosted by BBC Radio Shropshire and St Laurence’s Church. The candidates discussed Brexit and whether to hold a second referendum. They set out their party’s positions on those EU nationals who live and work here after the UK leaves the European Union. Labour and the Lib Dems say EU nationals in the UK will have a right to stay. The Greens and Conservatives say it will be down to negotiation. The Greens and Liberal Democrats want a new referendum on the final Brexit deal. Labour see Brexit as contractual negotiation. The Conservatives think they have strong leader to negotiate, with MPs having the final choice on which EU rules get retained in British law.

General Election 2017: What the Ludlow candidates said about – themselves

At the St Laurence’s hustings last night, the candidates were asked to introduce themselves. My notes are on what the candidates said about themselves not the statements they made on their party’s ambitions, track record and leadership. You can hear the candidates’ full statements on the audio recordings. (My apologies that the recording quality occasionally has background noise, including a mobile phone and someone bumping into my sound recorder!)

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