Day: 5 June 2017

Ludlow centre was closed today by stuck coach and HGV after badly planned roadworks

It was a day of traffic chaos. I spotted a tourist coach going past the Ludlow Assembly Rooms at 12:33pm. There was no way it was going to get out of the town centre. Brand Lane was closed – and will be for the next two days. I’d arrived back at Mill Street after a call from Tim Gill, Ludlow’s mayor, who had told me that an HGV was stuck in the town centre because of the Brand Lane closure. This was a conundrum indeed. The official diversion route is down Dinham and over the Whitcliffe. There was a danger that the HGV would tip on the hairpin bend. But we soon learnt this huge truck was not even going to be able to negotiate Dinham to get to the bridge. The coach would probably have grounded out on the hairpin. It was a no go for both vehicles. It took us hours to get them out of town.

General Election 2017: What the Ludlow candidates said about – tackling terror

The One Love Manchester concert last night was spirited, defiant and just the right way to react after the third terror attack in Britain within two months. A concert can never erase the torment of those mentally and physically scarred in the attacks. It cannot bring the dead back to life. It cannot heal the pain of their families. But it did lift the spirit of our nation. Right now, terror seems set to define our age but I hope that will prove not to be the case. At the open air husting hosted by BBC Radio Shropshire in Events Square last Thursday, a resident asked about how the Ludlow candidates would tackle the terror threat (listen here at 11:24). Here is what the want-to-be MPs said.

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