Month: May 2018

I was rather surprised to find myself challenged three times walking through the market today about my support for a ban on motorcycles parking on Castle Square. I have never agreed with this ban sponsored by Ludlow Town Council. I cheer the weekend bikers’ gatherings. I think it is great for the town. It’s great for traders. Today I signed a petition against the council’s proposed ban. I just don’t agree with the ban. Ludlow Town Council has got this one wrong. The most important thing is to let Ludlow Town Council know your views. The council says it will accept responses until the middle of next week (6 June). You might also like to vote on my poll.

Shropshire council top execs to get up to 50% pay rises while giving their staff 6%

It wasn’t the finest day in Shropshire Council’s history. Last Thursday, Conservative councillors, supported by many of the Labour group, gave the chief executive an increase in pay from £103,000 to £150,000 a year (46%). The directors that report to the chief executive will get a pay increase from £101,000 to as much £130,000 (up to 29% increase). The rest of the staff will get an average of 6% increase, as part of a national pay award and to bring Shropshire pay rates in line with national rates for council employees.

Here is the fourth and penultimate of the consultations on the new parking regime which is expected to come into force in September. It is a mixed bag of changes. There will be free parking on Sundays but the council has reneged on its promise to only apply charges from 9am in the morning. Charges will apply from 8am to 6pm. Users can stay for as long as they want subject to a maximum charge of eight hours. Castle Street car park will cost £1 an hour, half price on Sundays. The top deck of Upper Galdeford will cost £0.50 an hour, free on Sundays. The lower levels of Upper Galdeford and Smithfield will cost £0.30 an hour, free on Sundays.

Traders vans to be banned from parking in town centre without paying full rates

Currently market traders can purchase a waiver to allow all day parking in the town centre car parks. In a consultation slipped out announced, Shropshire Council is to withdraw all waivers. Traders will need to pay £1 an hour, £1.80 an hour on street. Or park outside the town centre. Anyone who has run a market stall single handed will know that is not practical. The danger is that traders will be put off coming to our market. I have received one comment in on this already: “Is the Council trying to kill off the market. Are they economic illiterates?”

Ludlow and Shropshire Councils are consulting on restricting parking in the market area

Ludlow Town Council and Shropshire Council are investigating a scheme to restrict parking in the Market Square and Castle Square. The restricted zone would also cover Harp Lane, Church Street and College Street. It would operate seven days a week, either between 7am and 7pm or for 24 hours. The proposals follow complaints about inconsiderate parking by car and van drivers, and motorcyclists. Ludlow Town Council says: “Visitors are getting a poor impression of our beautiful town!” The consultation closes on 6 June 2018.

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