Month: July 2018

We are a naturally green county. That’s not just our verdant rolling hills. We have a huge green thinking community in Shropshire. That’s why it is frustrating that Shropshire Council is always in the slow lane when it comes to green technology. I have already written about the council’s lack of interest in green verges. In an answer to another question on charging points for electric vehicles, the council says it is planning to install some. How many? Two. Roll out of extra charging points will depend on “evaluation”, “solving issues”, “clarity at a national level.” I don’t understand why roll out of EV is happening almost everywhere else but Shropshire.

I visit Ludlow’s Eco Park almost every day. It should be Ludlow’s flagship business area but I am growing angry about the lousy way that Shropshire Council manages the site for safety and for wildlife. The main ecological problem right now is the drying out of the main flood water retention pond. Shropshire Council is making water retention worse by mowing around the pond as though it is in a suburban housing estate. The next problem may sound minor. It’s a hole in the fence surrounding the pond. But that allows dogs into the wildlife area.

Shropshire Council shows it is not green when it comes to roadside verges – we must boost biodiversity

Highways chiefs at Shropshire Council have given a poor answer to a question I asked about cutting grass verges. Anyone driving around Shropshire will note that many verges are cut unnecessarily at the cost of wildflowers and biodiversity. There are areas where regular verge cutting is essential. The response to a question I have asked for next week’s council meeting shows that Shropshire Council has little awareness of how verges could make a major contribution to biodiversity.

Protest on Ludlow parking charge hike confirmed for 6pm Tuesday on Castle Square – please join us

Ludlow Chamber of Commerce has confirmed that there will be a public protest on Castle Square next Tuesday evening against Shropshire Council’s plans to hike parking charges in Ludlow. Please come along and support the case for changes to parking charges that will damage our town centre. Shrewsbury has got concessions, so why shouldn’t Ludlow get them? Details of the protest are here. The morning after the protest, I will be at Shropshire Council cabinet arguing for changes to the proposed regime.

The scandal over the TNS grant is not just a problem with administration, it’s a political issue: The Barrow Era (8)

After complaints from Keith Barrow and the threat of legal action, this blog post has been modified. I have changed the strap line to the “Barrow Era” not the “Barrow Affair”, removing any suggestion that he was responsible for decisions on TNS matters when he was leader of Shropshire Council. I have also corrected an error that said that Keith Barrow was chair of the Joint Economic Board. He was deputy chair and only chaired on one occasion. 

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