Day: 14 October 2018

Do we need apostrophes? A polemic about “St Laurence View” and “St Larry’s Beer up”

The Foldgate Lane housing development is to be named “St Laurence View”. No apostrophe, no “s”. I am sure this is the future of spelling. If there is an awkward apostrophe, avoid it. In another awkward moment, St Laurence’s Church is to hold an “Ale Wife” beer festival. It a great idea but I demand that next year we have an “Ale Husband” festival. (Should that have an apostrophe and “s”?)

It could cost as much to refurbish Shirehall as it cost to build

Shirehall is in poor condition. Few people doubt that it must be refurbished. But the cost will be more than £25 million. On inflation adjusted prices, that’s not far short of what it cost to build this unloved building in the 1960s. Is it worth it? I have my doubts we need to spend so much. I would like to see cheaper options. But a council discussion on the costs of the scheme has been cancelled twice.

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