Day: 24 October 2018

The House of Commons transport select committee is investigating the state of the nation’s buses. The health of the bus market inquiry is looking at a number of technical issues and matters like congestion – which is barely relevant in Shropshire. But one of the themes of the inquiry caught my eye: The committee is particularly interested to receive evidence on… the provision of services to isolated communities in rural and urban areas, and the reliance of particular communities and groups of people on bus services.

Yesterday, the South Planning Committee voted by a large majority to reject plans to build five bungalows on the Sidney Road green at the bottom of Charlton Rise. The plans would have led to the loss of nearly half the green space and a second Norway Maple would have been felled. This is the second time plans for housing on this site have been rejected. We hope this is the end of the matter but the Connexus housing group could still appeal the refusal.

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