Day: 7 January 2019

An oddball 2019 for Shropshire Council (2) – Leader Peter Nutting refuses to say the “C word” as he denies the council is making cuts

This is the second article highlighting how Shropshire Council’s leaders have had an oddball start to the New Year. In an interview on BBC Radio Shropshire on Friday morning, Shropshire Council leader Peter Nutting denied that Shropshire Council has been making cuts. Pressed hard by the interviewers, Eric Smith and Clare Ashford, he refused to agree that that the council had been making cuts. It had been trimming and moving to working differently but not cutting. Smith pressed on the “C word” but Nutting refused to utter it. With the council leader in denial over Shropshire Council has been making cutbacks and the deputy leader demanding censorship of vegan ads, 2019 is promising to be an oddball new year in local politics.

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