Day: 15 January 2019

Shropshire Council budget: A “perfect squeeze” leaves the council scrambling for £19 million cuts

Shropshire Council is suffering a perfect squeeze. Costs are soaring. Government cuts are hurting. And the council is not raising enough money.   The council is short of money because the government has cut grants to local authorities, taking £44m from Shropshire alone. Shropshire Council leaders refused to increase council tax for six years. That political dogma has left the county short of £15m a year, money we desperately need. As income fell, the cost of providing adult social care in Shropshire shot up by 50%. That’s an extra £46m the council is struggling to find. The result is significant planned cuts to many important and valued services. The latest round of cuts is expected to total £19m. This is my 1000th blog post on I am sorry that it is on such a depressing subject. 

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