Day: 16 November 2019

The weather is not good – please think forward to 12 December and register for a postal vote

It’s election season again. Like bad storms, elections seem to come more frequently than in the past. In the early hours of 12 December two years ago I wrote: “It’s been a bitterly cold night with temperatures expected to plummet to as low as -12C by 8am. All schools in the area remain closed. Roads and pavements are often hazardous. Buses will try to serve as many areas as they can…” That’s why I am urging everyone to get a postal vote for this election. All elections are important. We need to vote. I can’t predict the weather for election day, 12 December. Only the Daily Express can do that! But I can encourage you to get a postal vote. It’s easy. Just fill out this form and send it to: Electoral Services, Shirehall, Abbey Foregate, Shrewsbury SY2 6ND. Applications for postal votes must arrive at Shirehall by 5pm, 26 November. More information on voting in this election.

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