Day: 25 February 2020

The head of the Environment Agency today made a barnstorming speech on flooding. He is making the right noises about tackling the climate emergency. That’s welcome. But he still thinks housing can be built in high risk flood areas. Sir James Bevan didn’t speak about his own agency applying the lax national planning rules in a lax manner. According to a joint investigation by the Guardian and Greenpeace’s Unearthed news unit, 764 homes in our county are due to built in Flood Zone 3 – which has the highest risk of flooding – between 2015 and 2018. That’s one in twenty homes built in Shropshire.

BBC Radio Shropshire and the Shropshire Star are reporting that Clive Wright, the chief executive of Shropshire Council, has been told to leave by the ruling Conservative group on the council. No one is surprised by this. The antipathy from Peter Nutting, the political leader of the council, towards Clive has been evident for a long while. The body language between Nutting and Clive has in recent months has made it clear they no longer work as a team. In Shropshire Council’s now traditional style, Clive Wright has gone immediately. In the middle of a flooding crisis. That’s lousy management. Not by Clive – but by Nutting and the out of touch Tory group on the council.

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