Day: 1 March 2020

The Tories on Shropshire Council made a formal complaint against me because I told you that they were not telling you all that is happening with Ludlow Assembly Rooms. A press release was issued saying that £1.3m additional funding had been made available to complete the refurbishment. That was excellent news. But the sting in the tail was that the proposed transfer of LAR to Ludlow was to be cut from 125 years to three years. And by the way, Shropshire Council saw the £1.3m as a loan. I knew full well I would get a code of conduct complaint for telling you that. It duly arrived. Other councillors were astounded that it had been filed by as many as three cabinet members. Leader Peter Nutting. His deputy Steve Charmley. And the lead for culture and waste Lezley Picton. I have now responded and I am not giving any ground whatsoever. I acted in the public interest. We are not China or Russia.

Mass tree felling on Foldgate Lane for road access – the planning system has failed us and the environment

In the last few days, hundreds of trees have been felled on both sides of the A49 south of the Sheet roundabout. This is to create space for a T-Junction. This will be the only road access to the controversial Crest Nicholson development of 137 homes. We have lost more than 100 trees in the last few days. New trees will be planted in their place. But it will be four or five decades before they store as much carbon. Host as much wildlife. Muffle the traffic noise from the A49. The planning system has failed us. It has failed the environment.

Council tax – where your money goes

As I reported yesterday, council tax for Ludlow residents will increase by 4.3%. A Band D property will pay £1,945.34. But where does this money go? Fire and Rescue receives £102.25, West Mercia Police £225.20 and Ludlow Town Council £174.27. That leaves £1443.62 for Shropshire Council. The only available detailed breakdown for where this money goes is from last year’s account. This article is therefore based on 2019/20 council tax using data for Band D properties. Half of your council tax bill, £805.12, last year went to adult and children’s services, mostly social care. Waste and recycling services cost you £188.01. Council operating costs were £285.89.

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