Day: 14 March 2020

Namaste. The way that we live and work is changing during the Covid-19 outbreak. Meetings and conferences are moving online. People are flying less and flights are being cancelled. We have long needed to change the excessive consumption of our society. To manage business, travel and tourism in a different way. We must do that to tackle the climate emergency alone. Will the arrival of coronavirus change the way we live our lives? Or will it be business as normal as soon as the spread and fear of the disease fades?   Nothing can or must distract from the threat of coronavirus, which is killing people, shattering families and weakening economies. But it is timely to consider what changes this disease might bring to our society. And whether those will eventually be for the better or the worse.

Ministers plan to consult on a pavement parking ban for England – that’s good news

Transport minister Grant Shapps has announced that he will consult on a pavement parking ban in the summer. That’s good news and it’s long overdue. Parking on pavements is mostly unnecessary. It happens because people who rarely walk on pavements, use disability scooters or have children in buggies prioritise smooth flow of traffic over the safety of pavement users. This selfish behaviour cannot continue. The government has stalled on this since 2015, when a Private Member’s Bill was withdrawn on the promise of action by the government. Nothing happened. On Thursday, Grant Shapps promised a consultation on banning parking on most pavements. That’s good news.

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