Day: 10 May 2020

Mortimer Forest car parks must reopen from Wednesday – letter to Forestry England #coronavirus

The closure of the visitor car parks serving the Mortimer Forest has been contentious from the outset. Forestry England has stood firm on this restriction despite protests from local people and myself. We did not accept that restricting access to a huge area of forest walking made any sense during a lockdown during which people were encouraged to exercise. Social distancing is the norm in the Mortimer Forest in the best of weathers. But the car parks were closed. After Boris Johnson’s address to the nation tonight, we must now quickly reopen the huge recreational area of the Mortimer Forest. We need it to promote the physical and mental health of everyone who lives in south Shropshire and north Herefordshire. I have written to Forestry England asking for the car parks to reopened from Wednesday.

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