Day: 16 May 2020

Covid Watch 46: A plea for considerate driving during the health emergency and emergency roadworks

These works were completed on Sunday morning. My follow councillor Vivienne Parry spent quite a part of yesterday trying to deal with problems caused by emergency closure of the A4117 by Severn Trent Water. It is a major repair and unlikely to be finished until Monday. I haven’t been to investigate as I am shielded. But the reports I get are disturbing. People are driving too fast down Squirrel Lane, which is a single track road. Drivers are a threat to each other. They are also a threat to the people who are using the lane for exercise. It is worse at Rocks Green on the A4117. Vans and cars have been mounting the pavement to squeeze past the roadworks. They are forcing pedestrians to hold back. Forcing them to shelter their children because of the threat from drivers obsessed with the loss of a few minutes driving time. The theme throughout this emergency has been greater consideration for others. But that doesn’t seem to apply to drivers who seem to have returned to their “me first” maximum speed habit and their disregard for other road users.

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