Month: May 2020

Vans can now take permitted waste to recycling and waste centres in Shropshire #coronavirus

After a period of closure, Shropshire and Telford and Wrekin household recycling centres reopened for domestic waste two weeks ago. But vans, even those with household permits, were barred. From tomorrow morning, Tuesday 19 May, vans with household permits can take non-commercial waste to Craven Arms and the other recycling centres across Shropshire. But not from Shropshire into Telford and Wrekin. But the good news is that if you have that knackered mattress from a bed you have just refurbished (guilty as charged) or if you need to dump the plaster that has just fallen from your living room wall – I won’t mention any names – you can take it to the tip in van.

Shropshire Council wants to regulate A-Boards and charge small traders in Ludlow up to £213 a board

A-Boards can be a hazard to the partially sighted. Boards can be a problem for families with child buggies. They can be unsightly. But they are also essential for local businesses, many of which are on side alleys. Most people I have spoken to do not want to get rid of A-Boards. They want more care in where they are positioned. My proposed guidelines on resolving this have been ignored. Having rejected charges for A-Boards in December 2018, Shropshire Council is now about to reverse its position. It aiming to charge £213 an A-Board for the first year and £111 a year thereafter. Only one A-Board will be allowed per premises. This is mindless bureaucracy driven by officers and councillors who have lost their understanding of the importance of the independent retail market to rural market towns like Ludlow. They are determined to pursue this tax and ruin policy.

A plea for considerate driving during the health emergency and emergency roadworks #coronavirus

These works were completed on Sunday morning. My follow councillor Vivienne Parry spent quite a part of yesterday trying to deal with problems caused by emergency closure of the A4117 by Severn Trent Water. It is a major repair and unlikely to be finished until Monday. I haven’t been to investigate as I am shielded. But the reports I get are disturbing. People are driving too fast down Squirrel Lane, which is a single track road. Drivers are a threat to each other. They are also a threat to the people who are using the lane for exercise. It is worse at Rocks Green on the A4117. Vans and cars have been mounting the pavement to squeeze past the roadworks. They are forcing pedestrians to hold back. Forcing them to shelter their children because of the threat from drivers obsessed with the loss of a few minutes driving time. The theme throughout this emergency has been greater consideration for others. But that doesn’t seem to apply to drivers who seem to have returned to their “me first” maximum speed habit and their disregard for other road users.

Grants for the self-employed available from this morning #coronavirus

The economy of Ludlow and Shropshire is dominated by small businesses. Many people work in micro-businesses, those with less than ten employees. At the last count, there were 14,355 micro-businesses in our council area. That’s 91% of all our enterprises in Shropshire. Many working in these businesses are self-employed. They were initially ignored by the government but a £9bn support scheme is now in place. It has strict rules and will not help those businesses that did not submit a tax return in 2018-19 because they had just been established. I have received a lot of desperate pleas from local micro businesses. I hope this scheme will help. Let me know how it works out.

Hurrah! Mortimer Forest car parks have reopened from today #coronavirus

Forestry England have announced that the car parks serving the Mortimer Forest have reopened this morning. The closure was always controversial and has been the subject of much debate on this blog. However, that is now behind us and we can more easily use one of the most import outdoor resources for South Shropshire and North Herefordshire. Social distancing will of course apply. Sixty-eight Forestry England car parks around the country remain closed today, including Haughmond Hill and Wyre Forest. It is great that the Mortimer Forest car parks are now open. Enjoy the space. Use it to the full and stay safe.

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