Day: 5 June 2020

Covid Watch 55: Ludlow Market will reopen next Monday six days a week with 20 pitches

On Wednesday night, Ludlow Town Council met to consider plans for a social distanced town, included Ludlow Market. The good news is the market will reopen next Monday – 8 June. It is essential that the market reopens. Here is just one of the many comments I have received from market traders in the last couple of months. “It’s the end of my business. It’s taken ten years to build up and it’s my only income. It’s over for us. I feel helpless.” We need to help people that trade on the market. They are at the centre of our life in the town centre. Plans agreed last night will allow 20 pitches, less that half our normal compliment. But that is a huge improvement on earlier plans that could have seen as few as nine stalls. It is time to reopen the town centre and celebrate the market at the heart of our town. We miss our market. We need it back.

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