Day: 6 June 2020

Covid Watch 56: Ludlow Town Council proposes to close King Street and High Street Friday and Saturday. Do you agree? Vote now!

As part of the plans to reopen Ludlow town centre as the Covid-19 emergency eases, Ludlow Town Council, promoted by Shropshire Council, is proposing to pedestrianise King Street and High Street on Fridays and Saturdays. This will be an emergency measure to promote social distancing on our town’s narrow streets. Experimental closures of roads can be brought in at a week’s notice without consultation by Shropshire Council. They can be withdrawn at any point, also without notice. The town council is not planning long term closures. Experimental closures can be in place for 18 months. During that period the highways authority, Shropshire Council, will consult residents and businesses about the impact of the closure. Is this a good idea? Our town is not sure. Vote now! The poll closes at 6pm Monday.

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