Day: 22 July 2020

Application for eight homes at Linney House to go to Southern Planning Committee next Tuesday

Update: My statement to the planning committee. Update: The Southern Planning Committee decided it would have rejected the application. The Southern Planning Committee will meet online next Tuesday afternoon to decide on whether or not it supports the development of eight homes at Linney House. The site is on the banks of the Corve within Ludlow’s conservation area. The committee decision will only be advisory as the developer has already submitted an appeal to the planning inspectorate. But it is an important decision. Should we build schemes like this in Ludlow’s conservation area? Should we build in an area that is not identified for development in the local development plan, SAMDev? Shropshire Council planners are recommending that the planning committee indicates that it would have rejected the proposal. I don’t take it as given that committee members will accept this recommendation. If you want to address the committee, the deadline is 12 noon this Friday. In a virtual age, you must submit in writing.

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