Day: 23 August 2020

Covid Watch 74: Face mask litter menace – it’s a worldwide problem and it’s getting a problem in Ludlow

Another day walking the dog. Another encounter with a discarded single-use facemask. Masks are scattered onto verges. They are dropped on roadside. Shoved into hedges. I encounter this potentially dangerous waste when walking my collie. There have been several around the Co-op on Foldgate Lane over the last couple of weeks. People leaving stores simply discard their single use masks, leaving someone else to clean up the mess. That is despite there being plenty of litter bins. I am appalled by this behaviour. Dropping litter is a horrid, antisocial habit. Face masks could be dangerous and harbour Covid-19 Dropping a face mask in a residential street could lead it being picked up by a child wanting to play with it. If a mask is dropped accidentally, its owner should pick it up. Better still people should wear reusable, washable face masks.

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