Year: 2020

Job Watch Ludlow – good news as unemployment drops in Ludlow

Unemployment, as measured by claimants receiving  Jobseekers or Universal Credit who are seeking work, in Ludlow dropped between September and October. Our town had 365 claimants in October, down 11 per cent on September. That means 45 more people in work or more correctly 45 fewer people claiming benefits. Although unemployment is still more than double the rate it was a year ago, this welcome fall shows that businesses have adapted their ways of working, their ways of procuring and their ways of delivering during the ongoing epidemic. The second lockdown began a week ago. The biggest impact of Lockdown 2 is likely to be in the hospitality sector and visitor economy. We will see evidence of which way the trend is going on 15 November. But for now, we have some good news.

We are back to “the car is king” after lifting of King Street middle of day closure Friday and Saturday

We are in lockdown again as cases soar across the county. But Shropshire Council last week decided to remove social distancing measures in Shrewsbury and the market towns including Ludlow. That means closures on King Street are no longer in place on Fridays and Saturdays. I don’t agree with this. Even with reduced footfall we need the full width of social distancing to maintain social distance and to promote it as an attractive street. However, Ludlow Town Council was in favour of opening King Street fully again and lifting restrictions. It is not known whether Shropshire Council or Ludlow Town Council wishes to reimpose the restrictions when lockdown ends.

Roadworks and one way system on New Road extended until 20 November – Sandpits 24 December

In my previous article, I explained that the roadworks have encountered difficulties drilling through the Tilestone in the Raglan Mudstone formation. The work is being undertaken by Amey on behalf of Seven Trent Water. Contractors will be on site and New Road will remain one way until 20 November after which two way traffic will be reinstated until 4 January. Work on Sandpits Road will continue until 24 December and resume on 4 January. There is now no completion date for either set of works.

Dinham Hotel to close and be converted into apartments if plans approved

These plans have been long expected. One of our upmarket hotels is to be converted into residential accommodation. The plans are to create seven dwellings, five in the hotel building and two in the grounds. There be only minor alterations to exterior of the building. Number 9 Dinham, currently Elliots Bistro will be converted back into an independent house. This is a well thought out conversion. It will though be sad to lose this venue from Ludlow’s town centre.

Covid Watch – Boris Johnson imposes a national lockdown – we must keep our community and town thriving and faith in ourselves

We shouldn’t be here but here we are. Yet again political leaders have dithered in the face of that the epidemic is getting out of control. That happened in March. It has happened again this November. The second lockdown will last until December. A month’s shutdown is expected. The main story is known. Hospitality and leisure businesses, barber hairdressers and nail fashioners must close by midnight on Wednesday. You won’t be able to buy a new car either, except online. The shielded are being told to shy away from society again, though we won’t know the details of their restrictions until tomorrow. Ludlow Town Council can help reduce the impact of this second lockdown by keeping Ludlow Market open. Shropshire Council can help by keeping our town and inter-town buses running.

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