Day: 24 January 2021

Covid Watch 123: Local and national infection rates fall more but Storm Christoph may have distorted the data

This is just a quick update on the data. I’ll do a more detailed analysis as soon as I can find the space. Covid-19 rates are falling in the county and across England. That’s good news but there is concern that Storm Christoph will have cut the number of tests nationally and in north Shropshire. The snow will also have an impact and the NHS has had IT problems. That will reduce the number of reported cases. Locally around 12 tests in 100 are positive.

GPs have confirmed that vaccination for the over 80s will at last begin next Thursday, 28 January. We are behind in vaccination in south west Shropshire. We hope to catch up in just a few days. Residents of registered with GPs Ludlow, Church Stretton, Craven Arms, Clun and Bishops Castle who are over 80 will receive letters or calls inviting them to attend the Mayfair Centre on Easthope Road in Church Stretton. Clinics are expected run 12 hours a day, including through next weekend. Discussions are underway with bus and taxi companies about transport. Those that are housebound or cannot travel to Church Stretton will be offered vaccination in the coming weeks. Please don’t ring your GP about your vaccination appointment. Switchboards have been overwhelmed. GPs are saying: “Don’t call us. We’ll call you.” Ring 119 if you think you might be ill with Covid-19 or want a test. Ring your GP if you have concerns about other illnesses.

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