Day: 31 January 2021

Ultrafast gigabyte broadband to come to Ludlow but telegraph poles are needed in some areas

Ludlow is to be upgraded over the next couple of years to Fibre to the Premises (FTTP). That replaces the copper cable between the green cabinet and your house or business (FFTC) with fibre all the way. That will increase potential broadband speeds from 30Mb to 40Mb to up to 1Gb. The entire town should have ultrafast gigabyte broadband within two years. It will not just be faster. It will be more reliable. But there are some drawbacks. Some streets do not have telecoms ducting. The current plan is to erect telegraph poles in these areas and run cables overhead. The alternative would be to dig up the roads, people’s drives and sometimes gardens to install the new fibre cables. That will be much more expensive and could lead to the work being delayed.

Covid Watch 126: There are reasons to be cheerful but careful as infection rates fall and locally nationally

In the last week we have seen clear confirmation that infection rates have fallen here in south west Shropshire and across the county. We are not out of danger yet. Infection rates in south east Shropshire around Bridgnorth are high and those in north east Shropshire around Hinstock and Hodnet are among the highest in the country. We can be hopeful that the third lockdown and the growing pace of vaccination are now turning the tide. I am always cautious interpreting the data because of problems in reporting test results and the ability of this virus to resurge when it mutates. That means the need for caution remains.

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