Day: 14 February 2021

Ludlow’s collapsed town wall should be registered as a Monumental Failure and become a tourist attraction

Next Thursday 18 February 2021, it will have been eight years since the town walls fell at the back of St Laurence’s. There is no sign of the repairs beginning this year. What hope is there of the collapsed section being completed before the tenth anniversary? Almost none in my opinion. I would like to be proved wrong. The failure to repair one of Ludlow’s principal monuments is an embarrassment to our town. St Laurence’s churchyard is still disfigured by Herras fencing. It’s a disgrace. Unless there is action soon, we should perhaps register the collapsed wall as a Monumental Failure and make it a tourist attraction. A blue plaque declaring: “Here lieth the town walls. Resting in pieces since 18 February 2013.”

Covid Watch 130: Cases in Shropshire and Telford are still declining but not as fast as elsewhere

We are getting there but Shropshire infection rates not falling as fast as the rest of the country. Infection rates plateaued in late January and early February. This might be a product of the testing regime but overall the trend is in the right direction. Downwards. The same is true of Telford & Wrekin where infection rates are falling steeply through around two weeks behind the national picture. As vaccination rollout continues to accelerate, it can only get better.

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