Day: 20 April 2021

Sainsbury’s developer gives an update on progress at Rocks Green

The developer for Sainsbury’s is issuing an update to residents on progress with the development and is answering frequently asked questions. From these we learn that Sheffield registered Davies Street Ludlow now owns the site. The site, which had been promoted by Blackfriars Property Group, is now being developed by constructed by McPhillips (Wellington) Ltd. Davies Street Ludlow will lease the store and car park to Sainsbury’s in the Autumn. There is a promise for tree planting, which is part of the planning conditions, and much else. The correspondence is below.

Astonishing Blue on Blue attack as deselected Tory lashes out at council leadership

BBC Radio Shropshire is this morning reporting that a senior Conservative, who has been deselected and will stand as an independent, has taken a parting shot at her former colleagues. As the radio station reports, the email was sent to all 74 councillors not just the Conservative group. As such it was obviously meant to be made public. Laying in to the lack of leadership by the Conservatives, Hodnet councillor Karen Calder, who will stand as an independent, opines her sympathy for fellow councillors who have been deselected in the north of the county. She praises opposition leaders and rages against the cull of sitting councillors in the north of the county. Karen rages against backroom deals and despairs of the council leadership and the way many of her colleagues have been treated.

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