Day: 23 March 2022

Ambulance handover delays at Shropshire’s A&Es are a national disgrace – an inquiry is needed

Significant delays in handovers from ambulances to A&E departments continue at Shropshire’s two acute hospitals. This winter, half of ambulances arriving at the two A&Es experienced handover delays of 30 minutes. This much worse than the experience across England, where one fifth of ambulance handovers were delayed by 30 minutes or more over the same period. The national target is 15 minutes. Ambulances that are stuck in the A&E queues are not available to answer new 999 calls. It is unacceptable that a fifth of ambulances are experiencing long handover delays in England. The handover delays at the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital and the Princes Royal Hospital (SaTH) are a disgrace. This winter, half of ambulances arriving at SaTH have suffered handover delays of 30 minutes or more (49% – the fifth worst performance in England). More than a quarter of ambulances have experienced delays of 60 minutes or more (27% – the sixth worst performance in England).

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