Day: 26 July 2022

Plans to convert Golden Moments into a townhouse approved

The Southern Planning Committee this afternoon approved plans to convert No 50 Broad Street, which has the Golden Moments restaurant on its ground floor, into a town house. The vote was near unanimous with one councillor abstaining. Most committee members were enthusiastic about the proposal. Councillors thought it would be better as a town house, including Viv Parry who said: “I really want this to go back to a residential house”. This decision is damaging to the retail and economic health of the town centre. It is the first time the Southern Planning Committee has made a decision that could close a legitimate business. But planning committee members had no regard for the popularity of the venue, or the fact it had been there for two decades. They had a chocolate box view of what Broad Street should look like and Golden Moments didn’t fit in to that.

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