Day: 31 July 2022

Ludlow Town Council to tighten rules after complaints about noise in the town centre

It always concerns me when we have complaints about noise in the town centre. People generally deserve a quiet life. But some people seem to have moved here thinking the town centre is a quiet, sleepy place. Town centres that are quiet and sleepy are senile and they are at the edge of survival. They lose shops, they lose footfall and lose more shops in an ever declining vortex. Eventually all that is left are the charity shops, a pub or two and some downbeat cafes. You can see that fate in town centres across the country. That’s not Ludlow which still has a thriving town centre. Full of good shops and venues to eat and drink. We must ensure that the town centre continues to thrive, including by hosting entertainment.   The starting point for this article is an agenda item to be discussed at Ludlow Town Council’s meeting tomorrow. The council is proposing advice to event organisers and a ban on amplified music on Events Square. I would have thought all of this could be sorted out by discussions with event organisers rather than a full council debate. The council paper is ill thought through and should be…

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The beautiful game is coming home but not in politics

Trollies are being wheeled out of supermarkets stacked with booze. The BBQs will be lit to sear burgers and sausages to the point of incineration. It’s party time because it’s coming home. And the final is against Germany, our nation’s favourite enemy in what used to be called the beautiful game. Today’s newspapers are not only full of coverage of the Lionesses, they cover the other contest gripping the nation (or probably not actually). The battle to become Tory leader and the prime minister of our nation. With the backing on Ben Wallace, Tom Tugendhat and Brandon Lewis, Liz Truss probably thinks it’s all over. It is not over until the final whistle. I think most of us wish it was over. Why has the Conservative Party imposed this lengthy torture on us? It’s a huge home goal for the party, which is showing itself in the worst possible light. Not for nothing has the Tory party long been known as the nasty party and its nastiness is at the forefront of the leadership campaign.

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