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Election: Lib Dems making transport work for people and the environment

Transport is essential to our modern lives. We need a modal shift from polluting cars to public transport. We must spend 10 per cent of the nation’s transport budget on walking and cycling. Ticketing must be simpler and prices lower. People in rural and coastal areas will have access to well-funded transport. A Clean Air Act and new watchdog will ensure the air in our towns and cities is clean. Bus services will be expanded. The rail network will be upgraded and decarbonised. High Speed 2, Northern Powerhouse Rail, East West Rail and Crossrail 2 will be supported. Expansion of Heathrow, Gatwick and Stansted will be opposed. Frequent flyers will pay heavier duties.

Election: Lib Dems plan a green revolution for a green society and economy

The UK must lead the world in tackling the climate emergency. That’s the message from the Lib Dems as we head for the 12 December election. We are the first generation to know that we are destroying the environment and the last generation with the chance to do anything about it. Climate change and the collapse of natural systems are huge crises but they also represent a massive opportunity to create a different future, where people breathe clean air, drink clean water and use clean energy, where communities and industries live in harmony with nature, not at its expense. We must mobilise every community in the country and the resources of both the public and private sector to achieve it. We must turn the birthplace of the industrial revolution into the home of the new Green Revolution.

Husting for Ludlow candidates – 6pm, Monday 2 December, St Laurence’s Church

The head to head debates on TV tell you little to nothing about how our local MP candidates think their party’s policies will impact on life in the rural south of Shropshire. The husting on 2 December will be an opportunity to quiz the four Ludlow candidates. Churches Together Around Ludlow (CTAL) is to host a husting of Ludlow constituency candidates on 2 December at 6pm in St Laurence’s Church. Doors open at 5.45pm. Questions can only be submitted in writing and only on the night. If your question is selected by the chair, Mike Beazley, you will be allowed to ask a supplementary question. Before questions, Philip Dunne (Conservative), Heather Kidd (Lib Dem), Kuldip Sahota (Labour) and Hilary Wendt (Green) will speak for five minutes. The meeting is expected to end around 8pm but it could run later.

The weather is not good – please think forward to 12 December and register for a postal vote

It’s election season again. Like bad storms, elections seem to come more frequently than in the past. In the early hours of 12 December two years ago I wrote: “It’s been a bitterly cold night with temperatures expected to plummet to as low as -12C by 8am. All schools in the area remain closed. Roads and pavements are often hazardous. Buses will try to serve as many areas as they can…” That’s why I am urging everyone to get a postal vote for this election. All elections are important. We need to vote. I can’t predict the weather for election day, 12 December. Only the Daily Express can do that! But I can encourage you to get a postal vote. It’s easy. Just fill out this form and send it to: Electoral Services, Shirehall, Abbey Foregate, Shrewsbury SY2 6ND. Applications for postal votes must arrive at Shirehall by 5pm, 26 November. More information on voting in this election.

The candidates for Shropshire and Telford & Wrekin – Dunne to be challenged by former Telford leader, Heather Kidd and a Green

Philip Dunne has hit the road in his van to defend his ‎19,286 majority in the Ludlow constituency. First elected in 2005, he faces some strong challengers. Heather Kidd is again standing for the Lib Dems. Hilary Wendt is on a repeat performance for the Greens. And former Telford Council leader Kuldip Sahota is being brought in by Labour to replace Julia Buckley, who has gone north to fight against Daniel Kawczynski in Shrewsbury & Atcham. Nationally and locally, this is going to be an interesting election. There has been a chaotic political choreography underway as candidates have stood aside or were told to stand down to improve the chances of Remain or Leave leaning candidates. Parties are setting out their stalls, not just on Brexit, but also on the many other big issues that have been delegated to second rank in politics for far too long.

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