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Local Elections 2021: Strong showing for Greens in Oswestry East but Tories win both seats – Labour & Conservatives take Bridgnorth West

In the two seat ward of Oswestry East, Chris Schofield and John Price won for the Conservatives with a combined total of 1,556 votes. The two Green candidates, Jay Moore and Olly Rose, gained 947 votes. That’s a healthy improvement the Green vote of 540 in 2017. There might be a couple of themes here. The Green Party is growing in confidence and strength here and across the country. And in Shropshire people are saying they that have had enough of the council leadership dragging its feet on the climate emergency and biodiversity crisis. In another two-seater, Julia Buckley gained a seat in Bridgnorth West and Tasley for Labour and Les Winwood was returned for the Tories. But the Greens only polled 130 votes. Key Lib Dem seats have yet to be declared. The Greens have also taken Bowbrook and Oswestry South from the Tories. They gained 447 votes in Corvedale from a standing start. Oswestry East Lee Bennett (LD) 76 Graeme Currie (Lab) 324 Romer Hoseason (LD) 70 Jay Moore (Green) 501 John Price (Con) 889 Olly Rose (Green) 446 Chris Schofield (Con) 667. Bridgnorth West & Tasley Rachel Connolly (Lab) 669 Julia Buckley (Lab) 1,321 David Cooper (LD)…

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Most of Thursday night and yesterday was taken up with verification of ballot papers, aims to ensure that any ballot paper cast in a polling station is included in the count. Counting began at 7.30pm and nine seats were declared. It was a night of celebration for the Greens who gained two seats and have a high expectation of gaining a third.

It is “take your pen to vote day” – polls are open from 7am to 10pm

Remember to wear your mask and take a pen or pencil. If you forget, pencils will be available but will be single use which is not a good use of resources. If you forget your mask, and who does these days, you will not be allowed into the polling station. You do not need a polling card to vote or any proof of identity. Find your polling station. Some people have not received their postal votes. They should ring elections on 0345 678 9015 to check they can vote in person at the polling station if they are able to get there. They could also contact their local unitary councillor who should have access to the latest electronic update of the electoral roll though many councillors will be out on last minute campaigning.

Shropshire Conservatives can’t be trusted with the environment or democracy for that matter

The Conservatives have been window dressing their commitment to climate change for a long while. But their policies and actions are as rotten as the compost heaps at the bottom of many people’s gardens. Most Conservatives on Shropshire Council don’t get climate change and don’t get that tackling it is a local emergency as well as a national and international emergency. Their approach to development is fossil fuelled, building huge new roads such as the North West Relief Road and lusting to extend the M54 into Shropshire. They worry that going green will damage the economy not realising that the future of our local economy and of economies everywhere is green. This needs to change. Whoever is in power after today, the council leadership must appoint a cabinet member to whose sole responsibility is tackle the climate emergency, greening the council and greening Shropshire’s economy.

Shropshire Conservatives can’t be trusted with our money after wasting it on Shrewsbury shopping centres

Look hard at the Conservative leaflets that have been pushed through your letterboxes. Do you see any mention of the purchase of the £51 million Shrewsbury shopping centres? £450 for every council tax payer? Of course not. The Conservatives pressured Shropshire Council into buying the retails units just before the market collapsed and that was before coronavirus. Before the pandemic, the shopping centres were providing the council with an annual return on investment of less than half a per cent. The centres were pushed through the council by Peter Nutting who has long seen himself as Mr Shrewsbury with the task of promoting Shrewsbury First. After the purchase, he even had the gall to tell councillors there was no money for investment in the market towns.

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