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The Burford Question: How will pressure on services in Tenbury be resolved?

Last Friday, MPs, councillors and others grouped on the historic Teme Bridge between Tenbury and Burford. Richard Huffer, Shropshire Councillor for Clee and myself, joined Ludlow MP Philip Dunne and Harriet Baldwin, MP for West Worcestershire, along with representatives from south of the Teme to discuss what might becalled the “Burford Question”. Burford is planned to expand by around 170 homes. Tenbury is growing also. That’s putting pressure on services in Tenbury, including GPs and schools. In this post, Richard Huffer talks about the problem that are mounting up and what the solutions might be. Should SC transfer money from Shropshire’s community infrastructure levy fund to help improve Tenbury’s services? More radically, should Burford move into the Malvern Hills district and into Worcestershire?

The Post Office says there is no threat to Ludlow’s post offices despite reduced hours due to illness

Residents of Ludlow have been concerned for a long while about the future of our post office. Following a letter from unitary councillors and Tim Gill, Mayor of Ludlow, the Post Office has clarified it position: “After the closure of Bromfield any further closures in the Ludlow conurbation is certainly not an option. We have gained a reputation in recent years for a net gain in our Network numbers after decades of decline.” That is seriously good news.

Ultrafast gigabyte broadband to come to Ludlow but telegraph poles are needed in some areas

Ludlow is to be upgraded over the next couple of years to Fibre to the Premises (FTTP). That replaces the copper cable between the green cabinet and your house or business (FFTC) with fibre all the way. That will increase potential broadband speeds from 30Mb to 40Mb to up to 1Gb. The entire town should have ultrafast gigabyte broadband within two years. It will not just be faster. It will be more reliable. But there are some drawbacks. Some streets do not have telecoms ducting. The current plan is to erect telegraph poles in these areas and run cables overhead. The alternative would be to dig up the roads, people’s drives and sometimes gardens to install the new fibre cables. That will be much more expensive and could lead to the work being delayed.

A fixed penalty notice has been issued against one of the smaller pub type venues in Ludlow town centre. There has been a stream of complaints about this venue using dodges to get around the social distancing and subsequent lockdown rules. The legals at Shropshire Council say the business cannot be named and I cannot comment. The council’s press release and my legal advice are below. But it is not one of my locals. The locals I so miss. It is not one of our historic or anchor venues. I must say no more.

Ludlow to lose Paul our favourite courier in New Year when DPD shuffles rounds – please protest to the company

Seven years ago, who would have thought that we would see so many couriers everywhere delivering in vans and cars? But online shopping has grown. Especially this year when so many of us have been in one lockdown after another. Many of us have got to know Paul Pugh, the cheery delivery man in the red DPD van. Despite his intimate knowledge of our town and friendly service, DPD plans to move him to a round in Birmingham early next year. He is not happy and neither are we. Please protest by emailing

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