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The draft Shropshire Plan lacks targets amid platitudes and back slapping

Shropshire Council has had several stabs at a corporate plan in recent years. I can’t recall any of the plans having any impact on the way its political leadership acts. I have encountered a lot of corporate plans them in my life. I even drafted a few. But they only work if they if they provide clear guidance, parameters and targets to keep an organisation on course. The draft Shropshire Plan, which is a corporate plan in all but name, doesn’t achieve that. There are no targets for housing, the economy, welfare or climate change. Instead, there are promises and platitudes. We will achieve this and that it says. There is back slapping. We have achieved this and that. As a philosophical statement, it’s pretty much okay. But as a corporate plan, a guide to the way the council will work it fails. There are no benchmarks against which the public or councillors can judge success or failure.

Rome and Jericho get more mentions in Gove’s Levelling Up plans than Shropshire – its Byzantine

Old Mother Shropshire went to the government to get the county a grant. When she went there the cupboard was bare. So the poor county got none. (Misremembered old nursery rhyme). On Wednesday Michael Gove, the Secretary of State for Levelling Up – he used to be Secretary of State for Growing Up – published the long awaited Levelling Up white paper. There is every hint that this policy paper was rushed out to distract from the ongoing tribulations of the prime minister. It includes paragraphs copied and pasted from Wikipedia. It mentions Jericho three times, ancient Rome twice and modern day Shropshire just once. It also mentions Byzantine, which might be a good description of the white paper. The exclusion of Shropshire and Telford & Wrekin from Levelling Up funding has led to both councils making protests to the government. Michael Gove has responded to Shropshire saying we would need a mayor covering both councils before he will allocate any money. Shropshire Council’s leader has rejected this. It is another example of how Westminster politicians profess to support giving more power to local areas, while dictating how they operate democratically. Levelling Up is a bad white paper from a…

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Ludlow Town Council to challenge Shropshire Council on pavement gritting

There have already been falls on icy pavements around the town this winter. A couple of weeks ago, a police officer sent the town council a memo on a fall by an elderly man on the sloped footpath from the Library to the Foyer. He had fallen on the icy path and had banged his head, causing a deep cut and extensive bleeding. He was concussed and it was possible that his hip was broken. He was cared for by the police officer and members of the public until paramedics arrived an hour later. Shropshire Council claims it grits priority pedestrian routes around the county (after gritting the roads) but we don’t know what the priority routes are. Ludlow Town Council on Monday agreed to ask Shropshire Council for urgent discussions to establish priority pedestrian routes in Ludlow for gritting. It will also ask Shropshire Council to provide details of the pedestrian routes that it prioritises in the area during ice and snow events.

Ludlow Town Council votes to oppose spending on North West Relief Road and Civic Centre

The North West Relief Road (NWRR) is possibly this county’s most controversial project. Conceived 40 years ago, the four mile road skirting around the edges of Shrewsbury is the sort of road that might have been build 40 years ago. It will bulldoze through precious biodiverse landscapes and confirm the commitment of Shropshire Council to the fossil fuelled era. Although the plans for the road are not within the remit of Ludlow Town Council, it was asked to comment on Shropshire Council’s budget for 2022/23. Shropshire Council is having to raid its reserves to balance books, while facing a liability of at least £30 million to top up the budget for the road which will cost at least £100 million. At the same time, Shropshire Council is proposing a new civic centre in Shrewsbury at a cost of around £37 million. Ludlow Town Council on Monday agreed to object to so much capital funding going into Shrewsbury at the expense of other areas of the county. It has called a community investment fund to support communities across the county, including by creating jobs that protect our county’s environment and its economy.

Recycling bins to rolled out in May – book yours now

Shropshire councillors agreed on Thursday to spend nearly £3 million on new 240 litre wheelie bins to be distributed to households across Shropshire, beginning in South Shropshire in May. These need to be booked online or by ringing 0345 678 9007. This is an overdue move. Myself and fellow councillors have been pressing for wheelie bins for recycling for years. We wanted to prevent the frequent wind blow of plastics from open tubs onto our streets. There are other benefits from having wheelie bins. They are easier to manoeuvre. The recycling operatives will no longer have to empty tubs into wheelie bins before loading the recycling into the crusher. And they will encourage greater recycling at a time when local recycling rates are falling. If people can’t accommodate a wheelie bin or would prefer to keep the black tubs that’s fine. Shropshire Council also won’t be taking back the existing tubs, so you can use them for other storage or garden jobs. Or take them to a Household Recycling Centre.

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