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Yet another truck stuck on Squirrel Lane due to satnav error – it is time for the damage and disruption to stop

Ludlow and Clee councillors are calling for restrictions to prevent HGVs and diverted traffic using Squirrel Lane. The lane is a narrow country road that runs south from the A4117 Ludlow to Kidderminster road to Sheet Village. It runs parallel to the A49 Ludlow bypass and is often used for formal and informal diversions when there are problems or roadworks on the bypass. Councillors and residents are now saying enough is enough. The fabric of the road and its once wildflower verges are being destroyed by excessive traffic. The road has been blocked by HGVs and the historic Ledwyche Bridge damaged. Signs saying that the road is unsuitable for HGVs need to be put in place urgently.

Free parking in Shropshire Council car parks from 12 to 25 April

Parking will be free from 8am to 6pm in all Shropshire Council car parks from 12 to 25 April 2021, to provide the county’s town centre traders with a welcome boost once non-essential shops and personal care providers reopen, and pubs and restaurants are able to serve customers outdoors. Shropshire Council hops that the free parking will encourage people to visit local businesses once the current lockdown measures are eased in line with the government’s roadmap. If the reopening date for non-essential shops is delayed beyond 12 April, which doesn’t look likely at this point, the dates of the offer will be amended.

Rural bus companies call on Shropshire Council cabinet to retain Shrewsbury Bus Station in new plans

Plans for Shrewsbury town centre are up for discussion tomorrow, 8 March at Shropshire Council’s cabinet meeting. Shropshire Council wants to sell the bus station and the bus layover car park as housing land. There is vague talk in the Big Town Plan (BTP) about another location for a bus station but no location is proposed. Rural bus companies have now written to Shropshire Council saying that current plans to end inter-urban and rural buses at the park and ride sites, with a transfer onto local buses for the journey into the town centre, is not feasible. The plan will lead to a drop in passenger numbers and some services being withdrawn. There is no doubt that the town centre down from Pride Hill to the River Severn needs regeneration but it is far from clear that the plans from Shropshire Council and Shrewsbury Town Council are the right approach or achievable. The council wants to sell the bus station site off for housing and bank the cash to help pay for other projects. Several projects planned for Shrewsbury such as the new Civic Centre on pride Hill and the North West Relief Road look underfunded, no matter what current…

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Why are the Tories running so scared on highways that they need to leak their own manifesto? But that was what happened in a scrutiny committee today. In breach of every understanding of how ‘independent’ scrutiny committees work, the deputy leader of the council launched the Tory manifesto for highways mid meeting. We are of course gearing up for elections in May. But manifestos are not council business. The Conservatives don’t understand that. Today was appalling and at least two formal complaints have been lodged. But why are the Tories so scared they needed to launch their highways manifesto in a fairly obscure meeting?

Road safety scheme outside Sandpits school to be installed before the summer – we need more safety schemes

The long awaited safety scheme outside Ludlow Primary School will go ahead before the summer. Installation of a raised table outside the school comes after a campaign by school governors and local Shropshire Councillor Tracey Huffer. We don’t have a date for the work yet but it is expected to begin immediately after Cadent, the gas infrastructure provider, vacates the site around Easter. That means the safety scheme, which includes new signage and the raised table, will be in place before the summer. We need other school safety schemes on Old Street and Bromfield Road.

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