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Petition on Ludlow Ambulance hub receives unanimous support from Shropshire Councillors

On Thursday, Shropshire Council debated a petition from Ludlow resident Darren Childs. The petition requests that the Council support our campaign in returning an ambulance hub back in Ludlow, South Shropshire or the return of local rapid response vehicles who can be on call or based at local areas like Ludlow hospital, GP surgery, fire station, to attend until an ambulance arrives. Councillors debated the petition for longer than the allocated time of 15 minutes and concluded by unanimously supporting it. Key points made by councillors during the discussion were: All the rural ambulance hubs should be reinstated Scrutiny had failed to address the problem and even had failed to meet A select committee should be set up by the council to review the ambulance crisis Ambulance performance should be measured by postcode The council should declare that it has no confidence in the management of the local NHS. A full transcript of the debate is below.

The ambulance crisis in Shropshire – We can’t go on like this

Over the last eight weeks, half of ambulances arriving at Shropshire’s two A&Es have had to wait al least 30 minutes to hand over their patients to hospital staff. The Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital Trust has been the fifth worst performing acute NHS Hospital Trust in England during the winter so far. While ambulances are waiting to discharge their patients into the care of A&E staff, they are not available for other emergency calls. This increases the delays that injured or seriously ill people in Shropshire experience, especially in rural areas. We also know that delays in handover can lead to worsened health outcomes for patients. We urgently need to solve the problems in handover at the two A&Es. We need a return to locally based paramedic services including first responders and strengthened Minor Injury Units. We can’t go on like we are. We can’t go on with A&E responses failing the people of Shropshire.

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