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Final approval for Ludlow petrol station as construction work begins

On Wednesday, the South Planning Committee gave the final approval for the petrol filling station and convenience store on Bromfield Road. Committee members voted unanimously to allow the fuel tanks to be sited below ground. Work on clearing the site prior to construction is already underway, so we can expect it to open next spring. The filling station has permission to serve fuel 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The store hours will be limited to 6am to midnight.

Environment Agency okays underground tanks for new Ludlow petrol filling station

The closure of the Co-op on Foldgate Lane for more than eight hours yesterday after a burglary shows how desperately we need a second petrol filling station Ludlow. The nearest alternatives are at Craven Arms and Leominster. But a second filling station for our town cannot come at any cost. Plans for a petrol filling station on Bromfield Road, along with a convenience store, have split opinion. I only gave my support for the project after an assurance that the fuel tanks would be above ground to minimise damage from any leakage. But now the Environment Agency has withdrawn its objections to the scheme. That’s makes it all but certain the development will go ahead with fuel tanks sunk into the water table.

The backer of a proposed petrol station on the junction of Bromfield Road and Coronation Avenue has submitted a new report to support their case for underground petrol tanks. In a submission published last week, the developer’s adviser says that due to the design of the proposed underground petrol tanks, “the maximum volume that could be foreseeably lost would be limited to less than 1,000 litres of fuel.” The adviser says this “would impact the aquifer in the immediate proximity to the tanks only.” I doubt this judgement. Oil and petroleum seep insidiously. The Corve is just 60 metres away and the Teme site of special scientific interest within half a kilometre.[1] We need a second petrol station in Ludlow but not at the expense of our water supply and the delicate ecology of our river systems. Fifty petrol tanks of fuel leaked straight into the water table is never going to be good news.

Ludlow’s second petrol filling is at last coming – it will be cheaper and could open by October

There are two major complaints about petrol and diesel in Ludlow. The Co-op is expensive and motorists have to suffer long queues. Now, Applegreen is coming to Bromfield Road in Ludlow. The petrol station and store could be open by October. This could not be better timed given the chaos caused by the Co-op suddenly reducing its opening hours.

Environment Agency says “No” to below ground petrol tanks above aquifer on Bromfield Road

The Environment Agency has stated in no uncertain terms that it objects to plans to sink petrol storage tanks at the proposed garage on the junction of Bromfield Road and Coronation Avenue. In its objection, the agency says: “We would question the need for the design change which could, ultimately, increase the risk to groundwater.” That’s exactly the objection the rest of us have been making. The proposal breaks national and local planning rules, and conflicts with Environment Agency guidance. It should be thrown out and the developer should get on with developing this site.

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