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Bid to put petrol storage tanks underground at proposed Bromfield Road store is betrayal of trust

In May 2015, the South Planning Committee approved a new store and petrol station on the corner of Bromfield Road and Coronation Avenue. I had previously objected to this application but changed my mind after the developer went the extra mile to make the development work on this sensitive site. I asked the planning committee to approve the application rather than risk losing on appeal. Now the developer, Mead House Pension Scheme, has applied to build the petrol storage tanks below ground. I feel betrayed.

At last Ludlow is to get a second petrol station

Since the Shell garage on Temeside closed a few years ago, Ludlow has had only one petrol station in the town. That has led to long queues for fuel at the Co-op on Foldgate Lane (formerly Harry Tuffins). This is about to change. Yesterday the South Planning Committee approved plans for a petrol station and convenience store on the corner of Bromfield Road and Coronation Avenue. The petrol station could be open 24 hours if the retailer wishes to do so. The maximum store opening hours will be from 6am to midnight. There are conditions in place that will allow 24 hour opening providing the retailer puts in place a management plan to ensure there is no night time disturbance.

An update on my views on the Bromfield Road petrol station and store

I think it useful to make state my current views on this scheme, which have changed as the proposal itself has changed (14/00563/FUL). Two days after I wrote a post saying “the petrol station is the right idea in a perilous place”, a letter from the Environment Agency was published withdrawing its objections. It said that it would prefer the tanks to be set above ground but “being pragmatic we are not minded to object to the proposed development based on the likely risk to groundwater, the proposed tank design and bearing in mind the site context.” The Convault petrol tank storage system proposed for this development is about as good as you can get in terms of blast protection and has good leakage detection. The tanks are still partly below ground though and that must always be a worry. But if they were totally above ground, they would be a hideous monstrosity on this important gateway to Ludlow.

Vote now – should new petrol station and store in Ludlow be open 24 hours?

The Delve family (who own Harry Tuffins) have applied for a petrol filling station on the corner of Bromfield Road and Coronation Avenue. They also plan to build a decent sized convenience store. If planning permission is given, should these be open 24 hours a day seven days a week? The South Planning Committee has decided to defer its decision on whether the scheme should be approved. It has asked the question: should this petrol station and store be open 24 hours a day? Do we need a 24 hour facility in Ludlow? Let me know your views on this by voting and commenting below.

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