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Earth Day: One fifth of the country’s poultry units are in Shropshire and Herefordshire – are our planning rules too lax?

Ludlow resident and PhD researcher Alison Caffyn has been scrutinising the outbreak of poultry units across our area of the Marches. As CPRE has pointed out, we have become the chicken shed capital of England – by July 2019, there were 500 farms with a total of 1,420 intensive poultry units/sheds, containing over 44 million birds in Shropshire, Herefordshire and Powys. As a member of the Southern Planning Committee, I know it is almost impossible to turn down a well prepared application for a poultry unit. Moral arguments cannot normally be used in planning decisions. The planning system only asks councillors to look at the form, location and impact of a facility and whether its purpose is appropriate for the location. It has been long established that industrial farming units are “appropriate” for the countryside even though they are little more than factories.

I will be honest. I was really nervous when Tasty plc announced it had taken over Ludlow’s signature café, De Grey’s to convert it to a Wildwood Kitchen. There was good news when Tasty said it would keep the De Grey’s name and the traditional tearoom and bakery. Tasty also it would keep the De Grey’s sign. Contact Wildwood at De Grey’s: 01584 701701. Ludlow@wildwoodkitchen.co.uk I was nervous again when the sign went off for repainting ten days ago fearing it would have a Wildwood makeover but it came back looking almost unaltered.

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